Bitfinex Lists AIOZ Token, Enhancing Blockchain-Based Media Solutions


Bitfinex, a leading digital asset trading platform, has announced the listing of AIOZ, the native token of AIOZ Network. This move, revealed on June 11, 2024, bolsters the platform’s commitment to supporting innovative blockchain projects.

About AIOZ Network

AIOZ Network is a decentralized platform leveraging blockchain technology to enhance AI, storage, and streaming services. The network aims to transform digital media by providing decentralized solutions, thereby creating a more efficient and scalable ecosystem. Recent collaborations, such as the partnership with Alibaba Cloud, underscore AIOZ’s real-world applications and technological advancements. This collaboration focuses on expanding AIOZ’s ecosystem and improving its Web3 capabilities through Alibaba Cloud’s infrastructure. Additionally, the partnership is set to establish a decentralized infrastructure network (DePIN) alliance in Southeast Asia to drive innovation and support new developers in the region.

Token Functions and Benefits

The AIOZ token serves multiple functions within the AIOZ Network, including staking, governance, and providing access to exclusive features. The network’s infrastructure solutions, such as the W3IPFS storage solution, enable secure and decentralized file storage, enhancing the overall efficiency of digital media services.

Trading Details

Deposits for AIOZ are expected to open at approximately 10:00 AM UTC on June 11, 2024, with trading set to commence at approximately 10:00 AM UTC on June 13, 2024, subject to liquidity conditions. The token will be tradable against US Dollars (AIOZ/USD). For more information, customers can visit the official Bitfinex website.

Bitfinex’s Commitment to Innovation

Henry Child, Head of Tokens at Bitfinex, stated, “As decentralized technologies continue to revolutionize digital media, projects like AIOZ Network are essential in driving innovation and scalability. We’re excited to include AIOZ among our range of token offerings.”

Founded in 2012, Bitfinex offers state-of-the-art services for traders and global liquidity providers. The platform features advanced trading tools and provides access to peer-to-peer financing, an OTC market, and margin trading for a wide selection of digital tokens. Bitfinex’s strategy focuses on supporting experienced traders and liquidity providers with unparalleled support and innovative solutions.

Important Notices

All users of Bitfinex are subject to the platform’s terms of service. U.S. persons and other prohibited persons are strictly prohibited from directly or indirectly holding, owning, or operating an account on Bitfinex.

For further details on Bitfinex and its services, visit the official Bitfinex blog.

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